A Drunk Driving Attorney in Vermont Looks at What to Do After a DUI Case Was Dropped but Time and Money Was Spent

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Attorney

The situation involves one person who was arrested for drunk driving. Eventually, the case was dropped due to inconclusive evidence or an improbable cause of arrest. Regardless of the reason, the case amounted to very little. All may seem fine and well, and the client is able to get out without a DUI arrest and time in jail. But, is that all?

Drunk driving is a big arrest. Community perception could be affected. The news may get out and affect an individual’s ability to get a job. A DUI arrest is not isolated on some small little island all by itself. It happens in the world. People know. If the case was dropped, it was absolutely for a good reason.

Lawsuit and Accounting for Something Lost

So, now what? A drunk driving attorney in Vermont looks into what a client can do down the road after a DUI case was tossed aside. They have a few options. The client can open a lawsuit to pay for the many things lost in this unreasonable trial. For one, a client could have lost work or have been outright fired.

They could have also been unable to get a job in the following months due to stigma or having to report the arrest. There are other things that happen to a client once the court has said it is all done. This is the situation even if the case was burned away forever.

Take Action

Visit website for a drunk driving attorney in Vermont who can offer real advice on actions that can be taken following a dropped DUI case. There is certainly hope. There are methods of receiving fair justice after a bad arrest. Despite what some may argue, the police are not infallible. They can make mistakes. If a case was dropped, there must be a very solid reason for it.

Americans want a witch hunt because of DUI arrests, so a dropped case means something special. Due to the nature of a DUI arrest, it can also mean a lot of wasted time and money. Clients can be owed that money, and a little extra, to accommodate for the unfair and unreasonable arrest made that resulted in a dropped case.

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