Situations Requiring Real Estate Law Firms in Chicago

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Real Estate Attorney

A lawyer is not necessarily needed for a simple real estate transaction such as buying or selling a house, land, or commercial building. Those are professionally handled by a real estate agent and closing company. Situations that may involve real estate law firms in Chicago include landlord and tenant litigation, complicated or contested real estate matters, and probate law.

Zoning Matters

Each city or town has specific zoning ordinances that dictate what type of building or business can be constructed new, whether or not a building conversion can take place, and what activities can happen on a property. A residential area, for example, may not be zoned for a community parking garage.

Requesting an exception to the zoning ordinance may be more successful when presented by an experienced lawyer. The Council may consider allowing the garage to be constructed if the neighborhood homeowners do not contest the proposal. If the garage will enhance the city economy, attract more businesses, or facilitates traffic, it may be possible to get the proposal granted.

A homeowner who wishes to add a work shed to the property may meet resistance if the shed is to be built too close to the road. If an investor wants to construct a modern restaurant in a historical district, a proposal has to be presented and approved before any work can begin. Some districts will not allow new businesses that do not maintain the look and feel of that block.

Lease Preparations and Reviews

A lease does not have to drawn up by any of the real estate law firms in Chicago, but it is wise to have one prepared or reviewed by a lawyer. It is also wise for prospective tenants to go through a lease with a lawyer before signing it. The fine print can get confusing, there may be questions, and some terms may not be clear.

Once a lease is signed, it is very difficult to make changes or break the lease. Representation by an experienced law firm, such as Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells, can be helpful. Building a case to justify getting out of a lease, illustrating extenuating circumstances, or claiming fraud on the part of the other party will not be easy.

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