Hire a Professional After Nursing Home Negligence in Queens, NY

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Lawyers

It is a sad fact that not all nursing homes are capable of providing perfect care for those living in the facility, and cases of nursing home negligence happen every single day. That said, you deserve the chance to have your problem investigated by the police and paid the proper attention by those in charge of the nursing home. A professional lawyer will work with you to uncover the truth of the matter and will know who to contact to ensure that no aspect of your case is ever mishandled or forgotten.


Nursing home negligence in Queens, NY is no small matter to consider and must be taken with great seriousness to the police for investigation. Contacting a law firm such as Kiley, Kiley & Kiley, PLLC Attorneys at Law will ensure that you have someone on your side capable of gathering all the important evidence you need, such as medical reports, witness statements, police reports, and much more. Once all the evidence is in your possession, they will know how to make the dire conditions of this issue clear so that you receive the best results at the end of the proceedings.

Higher Settlement

Although increased monetary gain will certainly not be able to reverse this emotionally draining and perhaps even fatal situation, it may help you to cover the medical costs caused by the situation. It may be that a loved one’s nursing staff allowed them to remain in the bed without turning them or helping them move for months, producing serious bedsores that are not only quite painful but potentially life-threatening if infection should set into the wound. In such an example of nursing home negligence, you benefit from having an expert on hand to help you get the justice and settlement that you and your loved one deserve.

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