When You Need a Bail Bondsman Service in Oberlin Louisiana

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Lawyers

People hope they never need one, but if they are ever in trouble and might go to jail, they will surely be looking for a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen and agencies exist as “angels of mercy” to spring defendants out of jail or help them avoid jail when a judge sets bail at their arraignment. A bail bondsman service in Oberlin Louisiana helps defendants to get out of jail or avoid jail by posting the full bail for them. Here are some things defendants should know about what happens after the bail bonds agency gets them out of jail.

What to Know about Bail Bonds Agencies

When the bail bonds agencies post the bail to get defendants out of jail, they charge the defendants a fee of 10 percent or 15 percent for the convenience. The defendants will also have to come up with collateral to help cover the rest of the bail (in case they decide to jump bail). Things accepted as collateral include condominiums, automobiles, houses, electronics, expensive jewelry, boats, bonds, and stocks. Anything that has great value attached to it might be considered.

More about Bail Bonds Agencies

When the defendants are set free, they must appear at all of the scheduled court hearings for their case in order to not be accused of jumping or skipping bail. If they show up as scheduled, the collateral that was put up will be released and returned, no matter whether they were found innocent or guilty. If they do not show up for the court hearings, the collateral will be seized, foreclosed upon, and the defendants might not get the collateral back. To avoid this, it is best to just show up for all the court hearings.

Getting Help from a Bail Bonds Agencies

There are bail bonds agencies willing to help defendants when they are in trouble of being placed in jail. Fuselier Bail Bonding is a bail bonds agency that helps defendants with getting bail. If a person is in need of bail bondsman service in Oberlin Louisiana, the agency is available and provides more information on it’s website.

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