Three Ways to Arrange a Plea Deal with a DWI Attorney in Cambridge, MD

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Attorney

It is worth it to fight in every way possible alongside a DWI attorney in Cambridge, MD to remove the charges or minimize them. There are social ramifications for a DUI/DWI that will stick around for many years. Rolling over or getting a non-reputable DWI attorney is not in the cards. A client charged with a DWI may not always get away clean, but they can navigate the varied world of the plea deal.

Plead Guilty to a Lower Crime: One of the most efficient ways to tackle a DWI is pleading guilty to a lesser crime. This is great if the DWI involved something such as contributing to the delinquency of a minor, excessive noise (from a loud stereo), petty theft or something similar. Getting an additional charge added on alongside a DWI can sometimes be a particular blessing in disguise.

Dismissing One Charge for Another: Another approach is to request a complete dismissal of one charge. These are usually fringe charges that lack a lot of strong evidence. A lawyer can set it up where the DWI is dismissed entirely for admittance of other minor crimes. This is particularly effective if more than one crime is committed.

Announcing Guilt on Condition: The last measure is to admit guilt for the DWI or a lesser charge on the condition that a high fee is paid instead of a record charge or something similar. Sometimes, admitting guilt can pass a license expulsion or suspension. This strategy is trying to get away with the least damage as possible when the evidence is substantial and the case is strong.

The above pleas are not ideal, but they focus on one important thing: keeping a DUI/DWI off the record. Few crimes of that level are as invasive and long lasting. A DWI will never leave a license. Insurance premiums are standard (a person with a DWI in Cambridge, MA may have to pay four times the amount of an average driver their age). They may never receive financing again and the list goes on. Consider a plea with Ocean City Lawyer to get the focus off the DWI.

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