The Advantages Of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney In St. Petersburg

Getting hurt or injured in St. Petersburg because of someone else’s negligence can be devastating. These cases, known as personal injury, can range from mild and inconvenient to severe and tragic.

In some cases, the injury may not immediately be noticeable. It may be a few hours, days or longer until the issue is discovered, and this can further complicate the situation if statements and reports have already been provided to the insurance companies.

The Problem

In cases where injuries occurred that are significant, or where there will be a long term medical attention and care required, legal representation is a must. Additionally, when people are not able to return to work or enjoy their life, in the same way, hiring a personal injury attorney is essential.

The insurance company will have lawyers on their side, and those attorneys will be working to provide you with the lowest possible settlement offer for your claim. This typically will include medical bills to date, perhaps a small amount of pain and suffering and compensation for lost wages.

However, it will not contain payment for future medical bills, or other damages you may be entitled to claim. If you don’t know those damages should be included in the offer, or you accept the low ball settlement, you will not have the opportunity to appeal the decision or ask for compensation for those damages later.

Knowing the Ropes

The insurance company is counting on the injured party accepting that low initial offer. When a personal injury attorney is involved, he or she knows the value of the claim and can provide the necessary documentation, medical information, and other evidence to negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company.

Additionally, the personal injury attorney can evaluate all insurance coverage of the negligent party, which may provide other options for settlement. Ensuring that you are protected in your settlement in the event that you may later find other insurance that addresses the expenses will also something your attorney will include in any settlements.

Personal injury cases in St. Petersburg are not always difficult, and not all people will require an attorney. In the event of a serious injury, an unfair offer by the insurance company, or if there are medical questions about potential future health concerns or disabilities resulting from the injury, talk to an attorney and get your case evaluated to be informed about your options.

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