Nursing Home Negligence Is Becoming A Problem

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Attorney

With a rapidly aging population there is an ever growing dependency on elder care facilities to look after them and their needs. Nursing homes have the responsibility of providing senior citizens with the care and attention they deserve in the twilight of their lives. Although there are many federal and state regulations that nursing homes must abide by, there is ever increasing evidence that negligence and abuse is a bigger problem that first thought.

Negligence on the part of nursing home staff can be difficult to spot and when it does occur, it is often covered up. When the family of a resident senses that their loved one is being neglected, often the best thing to do is hire a nursing home negligence attorney in Chicago, an attorney that is intimate with all the rules and regulations that govern quality of care provided.

Neglect or abuse?

Nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse are different. Neglect occurs when a person assigned the responsibility to care for the elderly resident neglects to provide the basic needs such as a clean and safe environment in which to live. This also carries over to the proper provision of meals and nutrients. Nursing home neglect is not always obvious.

Nursing home abuse is different, it is something that is noticeable by family members and friends that visit with or communicate with the elderly resident.

What can you do if you suspect negligence?

If you believe you elderly loved one is being neglected there are things that you can do:

   * Ask questions: Ask the victim, find out what happened, when it happened and who did it? If the victim is unable to answer then go directly to the administration and demand answers.

   * Take photos: If you believe your loved one is being neglected, take pictures. When you hire a nursing home negligence lawyer in Chicago to pursue a case against the nursing home, these will prove very helpful.

If you suspect negligence, don’t wait. Contact the authorities and an attorney that specializes in complex cases of this nature.

The best nursing home negligence attorney in Chicago is one that is compassionate, resourceful and can work independently to investigate conditions at the home. If you are facing this problem you are invited to contact the Law Office of Scott D. DeSalvo, LLC at Website Like us on our facebook page.

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