Misdemeanor, Felony? Call a Criminal Lawyer in Portsmouth, VA

If you need a criminal lawyer, you’ll usually find the information in one of two categories: felony and misdemeanor. If you’re charged with a felony, you could be incarcerated for a year or more, while misdemeanors generally mean jail time of less than 12 months. Of course, there can be other penalties when an individual is charged with a crime.

One thing you shouldn’t do when faced with a criminal charge: don’t go through the legal maze alone. Even a situation that seems very basic and straightforward can be confusing to the non-professional. Your best decision would be to talk with a criminal lawyer in Portsmouth, VA who brings more than two decades of experience to the task.

Best Result

Of course, what you’re hoping for is the best result possible from what is a stressful and confusing situation. When you work with a Portsmouth criminal lawyer, you’ll have access to expert advice for cases involving property offenses, domestic violence, DUI charges, homicide, and more. Keep in mind that whether you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, the consequences for you and your family can be significant.

You can get started by visiting the website of this leading provider but after you spend a few minutes browsing, you’d be wise to call and talk with a knowledgeable representative. You’ll find that these professionals are much more interested in the people involved than just the numbers. They know that you deserve the best legal help you can get.

Still Aggressive

Though he or she will focus on you as his or her valued client, you can depend on your criminal lawyer to be as aggressive as necessary to produce the result you deserve. After all, he or she is working for you. If you find yourself in trouble because of a misdemeanor or felony charge, don’t go through the process alone.

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