Is It Necessary To Hire An Immigration Lawyer?

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Attorney

US immigration law is phenomenally complex, so much so that statistically a full two thirds of applications and petitions that are filed with the Citizenship and Immigration Service are denied when the applicant goes it alone, without the assistance of a skilled Chicago immigration lawyer.

Preparing an immigration case:

There is a great deal more to preparing an immigration case than simply completing forms. Seasoned immigration lawyers spend a great deal of time reviewing the pertinent facts associated with your case, determining the best legal remedy, determining any potential liabilities or pit-falls and then, and only then, guide the case though the system. Much of what an immigration lawyer does is anticipating potentials issues, solving any issues that arise and doing so in the most expeditious fashion.

Why should you hire an immigration lawyer?

Immigration law is complex, especially when the individual concerned may not have an understanding of the American legal system or may not have full command of the English language. The last few years has seen the system tighten up considerably, this protective attitude taken by the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Naturalization Service makes it frustrating for those who wish to settle in the US. Legal immigration into the US demands a great deal of time and dedication.

The number of people entering the country is controlled through a host of regulations which determine who is eligible and what privileges they will be granted. The system works on numerous visa classifications that specify what rights and what privileges the individual has. Depending on whether the applicant intends to reside in the US or is visiting for a certain period of time and purpose there are both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

A skilled Chicago immigration lawyer knows the law and can guide the applicant through the application process, ensuring they get the proper visa based on their desires.

If you have reason to deal with US immigration you are wise to do it alongside a Chicago immigration lawyer. The lawyers at Din Law are dedicated to getting their clients the best possible outcome for their particular immigration matters. Follow us on twitter.

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