How to Fight Against False Domestic Violence Allegations

Under Vermont laws, domestic violence is any threatening act against members of the same household. This includes families, romantic partners, and roommates. The laws provide protection for these individuals to ensure that they never feel threatened in their own home. The laws could also encompass former spouses who were victimized during or after the time in which they lived in the same home.

Protection for Families

The first step in a domestic violence case is to acquire documentation. The victim cannot acquire assistance if they don’t report these incidents. Law enforcement is called to the scene at any time that these threatening acts happen. It is up to law enforcement to identify the victim and the attacker. However, if law enforcement doesn’t possess previous knowledge of these events, they could accuse the victim falsely of these allegations. To remedy these conditions, contact a law firm in Vermont today.

Identifying Manipulative Behavior Patterns

In some circumstances, manipulative behaviors of a former romantic partners could lead to false allegations. Individuals who are narcissistic sociopaths use these tactics to prevent their partners from leaving the relationship. In these instances, it may require an attorney to acquire testimony from a licensed psychiatrist to identify these patterns. However, the true victim must file a report for any instances of domestic violence against their partner each and every time.

Acquiring an Order of Protection

At any time that a romantic partner feels threatened they have the right to acquire an order of protection. It doesn’t matter if the county has filed formal charges against them or not. Their attorney could present all evidence of reported incidents of these crimes to acquire the court order. Under these protections, they have the right to contact law enforcement if the order is violated.

A romantic partner that is falsely accused of domestic violence can fight back. They must present their own evidence of allegations against their partner. This presents a trail of reports against the individual and could overturn false allegations used as scare tactics. Victims of these unlawful allegations should contact a law firm in Vermont. Visit website for further information.

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