Get A Child Custody Attorney In Kendallville, Indiana

Raising a child is an important job. Whether someone is getting a divorce or a child is born out of wedlock, determining who should have custody of a child can be a heart-wrenching decision for the parents. Hiring a Child Custody Attorney in Kendallville Indiana, is one of the most important things to do. An attorney can attempt to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the other party’s attorney. If an agreement cannot be reached, they can take the case to court and present the case to a judge.

Agreeing on child custody between the parents is always best, but a legal agreement still needs to be constructed in order to protect the parents and the child. If there is no agreement, and one parent takes the child and does not return them, the other parent has no legal justification to get the child back. If domestic violence is involved, many times the children become another weapon as part of the domestic violence. It is always important to protect the children and the parties involved in a child custody case.

The courts have standards they follow for awarding custody. The main standard is the best interests of the child. The courts do not want to disrupt the child’s life any more than is necessary when two parents cannot agree on custody. If one parent has been the caretaker, the courts will take that into consideration. If a parent has been in jail or has a criminal record, the courts will also make their decision based on those facts. If a parent has left the area, the court may make a determination for visitation over the summer months or during holiday breaks. This is determined by how far the parent has moved.

There are various items a court will look at. It is important to have a Child Custody Attorney in Kendallville Indiana, that can help a parent determine the best way to handle a child custody case. The legal insight from years of experience will make the process go smoother for the parent and the child. For more information on child custody, check out Website or their Facebook page.

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