Restoring Financial Freedom with Bankruptcy Help

by | Jul 28, 2015 | Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many Americans have found themselves deep in debt and not knowing how they can allay the burden. Time is not on a debtor’s side when catching up on payments is beyond reach. Interest rates are the number one facet of debt that stops people from pulling themselves out without severe impediments. Collection agencies and credit card companies can be merciless when it comes giving consumers latitude to pay their debt off feasibly. Bankruptcy Help may be a solution that battles the worst aspects of debt.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers debt relief without giving up valuable assets. Chapter 13 can be defined as debt reorientation that creates new plans for paying it off. Debtors are given the opportunity to pay off debt with an extension of time added on. Most are given a three to five-year stretch to make payments, with most or all residual debt forgiven after that period ends. One of the biggest perks in this arrangement is that it’s interest-free, given that interest alone puts many so far down under in outstanding debt. People with homes threatened by foreclosure can benefit from Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help because those actions are aborted with these arrangements.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy focuses on debt associated with medical bills, credit cards, and personal loans. Assets can be kept with this form of bankruptcy in most cases. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is ideal for people who have debts coming from multiple places that are not affordable. Wage garnishments can be lifted with this class of bankruptcy. Judgment liens are secured debts, but Chapter 7 bankruptcy can change that. People who want to refinance or sell their property can’t do so with liens present. Many people have the opportunity to get judgment liens removed with chapter 7. If a loan has a cosigner, that person’s liability can be omitted. Someone may cosign a loan to help a friend or relative get approved with better rates. When the agreement takes a wrong turn, cosigners can be subjected to garnishments and having the debt applied to their credit reports. Chapter 7 can’t prevent that. Let an attorney at Chicago Debt Solutions help determine which form of bankruptcy is right. You can follow them on Twitter.

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