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by | Apr 18, 2017 | Attorney

Those looking for a way to resolve differences may wonder what the mediation process entails. While mediation can’t guarantee a certain result, certain trends exist. Below are some of the most important benefits of mediation as performed by an attorney in Walker, MN.

Economic Feasibility

Litigation is expensive regardless of which side a party is on. However, mediation is typically less expensive than courtroom litigation and other legal maneuvers.

Quicker Settlements

In a time when it can take a year or more to get to court–and appeals can add years to a case–mediation provides a timely dispute resolution method. When opposing parties simply want to get on with life, mediation can provide cost-efficient, quick results.

Mutually Agreeable Outcomes

Parties are typically more satisfied with resolutions that are mutually agreeable as opposed to solutions that are unilaterally imposed by third-party decision-makers.

Higher Compliance Rates

Opposite parties who reach an agreement are more likely to abide by its terms than those whose resolutions are forced by third parties.

Customized, Comprehensive Agreements

A mediated settlement can address legal and non-legal issues. These agreements often cover psychological and procedural issues that may fall outside the legal system, and parties can tailor settlements to a particular situation.

Controllable, Predictable Outcomes

When parties negotiate a settlement, they have more control over the case’s outcome. Losses and gains are more predictable in mediated settlements than in arbitrated or adjudicated cases.


A person who negotiates their own settlement may feel a greater sense of power than someone who relies on an advocate. Mediation can provide a way for people to learn about and use their personal power and influence.

Amicable Preservation and Termination of Relationships

Some disputes take place in the context of continuing relationships. Mediated settlements that address all parties’ interests can usually preserve a relationship in ways that wouldn’t be possible in adversarial court proceedings. The mediation process can also help parties terminate relationships in an amicable way.

Mediated settlements usually hold up over the years and, if later disputes arise, parties are more likely to use cooperative problem-solving skills to resolve differences than to pursue adversarial approaches. To learn more about the mediation process, visit Brainerd Law to consult an attorney in Walker, MN.

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