What To Ask A Truck Accident Attorney

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Accident Attorney

In Pennsylvania, trucking accidents require more extensive evaluations than standard car accidents. The reason for these additional actions is that the vehicles are commercially owned. In these cases, numerous probabilities could apply. These probabilities could define more than one defendant in the injury case. The following are highlights of what victims should ask a Truck Accident Attorney.

What Type of Investigation is Needed?

The commercial vehicle will be impounded for further assessments. It doesn’t matter if witnesses state that the other driver is at fault. These assessments are required by the state and by the company’s insurance provider. The driver is also assessed. Any violations of federal regulations are included in the final report. They present liabilities for the driver and the trucking company.

Who is Liable in These Cases?

Initially, the driver is deemed liable if they were designated the at-fault driver. However, with this implication, the trucking company is also liable by default. If the truck has any mechanical defects, a mechanic or service provider could be identified as a defendant. Furthermore, if the parts were faulty, a manufacturer could also share the blame.

How Does a Trucking Company Manage the Claim?

The trucking company must file an insurance claim for the accident. The claim defines the fault of the driver and the trucking company. The claim’s adjuster must review the terms of the policy to define what is covered. If the claim is denied, the victim won’t acquire any coverage through the commercial insurance policy.

When Should Victims File a Lawsuit?

The victim should file a lawsuit if they are denied insurance coverage through the trucking company. However, if the investigation identifies other defendants, they must be included in the claim. Once a court date is set, the judge determines the value of the victim’s monetary award.

In Pennsylvania, trucking accidents are most likely to produce more serious injuries. These occurrences could include permanent disabilities, broken bones, and severe brain trauma. In some cases, the victims don’t survive their injuries. Victims of these unfortunate accidents contact a Truck Accident Attorney directing or acquire more information by visiting¬†Domain URL today. You can also follow them on Google+ for more updates.

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