Pedestrian Accidents in Hawaii

In Hawaii, pedestrian laws are enforced to prevent individuals from becoming injured. However, the comparative fault ruling comes into play if a pedestrian doesn’t follow the laws themselves and become injured. Drivers who don’t obey laws related to pedestrians could face hefty penalties. A local attorney can help victims of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii.

Failing to Stop at a Crosswalk

All pedestrians are required by law to stop at crosswalks and wait for signals. Failure to stop and wait for appropriate signals deems the pedestrian at fault for their injuries. Major cities install crosswalks to help pedestrians cross busy highways and avoid injuries.

Walking Away from Traffic

All pedestrians walking on roadsides should always walk toward oncoming traffic. The laws require this to allow oncoming vehicles to easily see the pedestrian and avoid an accident. Reflective clothing is another requirement for walkers who want to exercise at night. Any pedestrian who fails to obey the law cannot seek compensation in an injury claim.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents that involve pedestrians are reviewed through traffic camera footage. A major problem with reporting the accidents is a failure to get the tag number of the vehicle. Any driver who is involved in a hit and run accident involving a pedestrian could face several charges. Fleeing the scene of the accident is among the offenses. If the pedestrian dies, the driver will face vehicular manslaughter charges.

Violating Laws Related to Pedestrian Crossings

All shopping centers are required to install a pedestrian crossing to mitigate the risk of an accident. The lines on the crossing must be maintained, and signs must be visible for all vehicles. All drivers are required to stop when any pedestrian is using the crossing.

In Hawaii, pedestrian laws assist individuals who must cross busy highways and roadways. However, crosswalks and sidewalks should be used when they are available. Any individual involved in a pedestrian accident is reviewed, and all traffic offenses are reported. Comparative fault rulings apply if the pedestrian didn’t follow the law. Victims of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii who need to start a legal claim can contact Yoshida & Associates for more information right now.

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