Do You Have Injuries From An Automobile? Contact A Car Accident Attorney Centralia, IL Today

by | Aug 30, 2019 | Accident Attorney

Some automobile accidents do not have injuries involved. When there are injuries involved, a car accident attorney should be contacted as soon as possible. The first thing to do after an accident is to seek medical treatment when there are injuries because waiting several days to seek medical treatment could completely void a claim that the injuries were received during the accident. Once medical treatment occurs, it’s important to follow what the physician instructs. Not following up for physical therapy or medical treatment could also void a claim that serious injuries were received during an accident.

When a negligent party inflicts injuries upon another individual, a claim can be filed to pay for a variety of things. These items are medical bills, lost wages, repair or placement of property, pain, and suffering as well as the loss of enjoyment in life. Injuries that result in the death of an individual would be files as a wrongful death suit. Very serious injuries such as broken bones, brain injury, or the loss of a limb will be compensated at a much higher level than a soft tissue injury. A soft tissue injury like whiplash is serious and requires medical treatment but will not require the same amount of care as brain injury or broken bone.

If an individual has injuries that will not permit them to return to their previous employment, this could severely hamper their ability to be financially sound. A car accident attorney Centralia, IL, will review the evidence of the car accident in combination with the injuries and medical treatment. They are capable of giving an estimate on the amount a settlement may be through an insurance company. Once an individual settles with an insurance company, they are no longer permitted to claim any further financial claims, so it is never recommended signing a settlement agreement without first speaking to an accident attorney.

Becker, Schroader, & Chapman PC has almost 30 years of experience representing clients injured in car accidents, and they can offer all of the answers an injured party or surviving family may have about settling a claim with an insurance company. They will fight for your legal rights and a fair settlement.

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