Consulting A Criminal Defense Attorney In Martinsburg WV For An Order Of Protection

by | Sep 20, 2019 | Criminal Defense Attorney

The state of WV identified and enforces orders of protection. These court-orders protect victims of abuse from their attackers. The proceedings are held in both civil and criminal court depending on the circumstances of this requirement. Evidence of physical abuse isn’t necessary to acquire the order. The victim must fear for their lives only.

What is Included in the Order

The state can order the individual to stop visiting you at your home and the homes of your family. The order prevents them from contacting you through a variety of methods, including telephone, email, and through family members. The perpetrator is ordered to refrain from visiting your place of business. The court typically assigns a measurement to outline areas nearby these locations.

After the Order is Valid

The court has the right to take away any, and all firearms from the individual identified in the order of protection. It could further require them to attend an anger management or abuse intervention program. If the cause of the abuse is drug or alcohol related, the order could identify the need for a drug or alcohol program. If you are found in violation of this order, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in Martinsburg WV to represent you.

When You’re In Violation of the Order

In some circumstances, the court can monitor compliance with the order. For example, if the perpetrator is required to attend a drug or alcohol treatment program, the court can inquire into this situation to determine if he or she is compliant. If they fail to complete the program, they are in violation of the order. If you were arrested for non compliance, you’ll need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Martinsburg WV immediately.

The most common reason for an order of protection is domestic violence. In order to enforce the order, the victim must contact law enforcement at any time that their attacker violates the order. Defendants can be released from the order if the conditions identified in the document are remedied. If you need help with an order of protection claim, you should contact The Law offices of Sherman Law Firm a criminal defense attorney in Martinsburg WV immediately.

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