Considerations to Make When Hiring a Will and Testament Lawyer in West Palm Beach

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Law

Death is inevitable. Unfortunately, people often leave their family members fighting over their property because they did not leave a will. Here’s what you need to know about hiring a will and testament lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Leaving a will is very important. It is an expression of one’s desires in regard to the disbursement of their property after they pass. There may be someone in your life, such as a family member or a close friend, who you can trust to manage your property once you move on. If you do not express this wish in writing, your property will be divided as the court deems fit instead of according to what you would have wanted.

If you want to draft a will, the law requires that you do so in the presence of an attorney. This attorney will guide you through the legal requirements for drawing a will in your jurisdiction. This is the point where you’ll need the services of a will and testament lawyer in West Palm Beach.

For the purpose of fairness, the law requires that you only draw or change the contents of the will when you are in your right senses. This is important because you will need to understand what you are putting down.

The court can nullify a will if it is found out that it was signed at a time when the signatory was not in their right senses. The court interprets this to mean that the testator did not understand what he or she was signing at that moment. Wills signed under coercion are also nullified by the court. The emphasis here is on the free will of an individual when they are signing the will that will be used in the disposition of their property.

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