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by | Oct 27, 2015 | Attorney

Massachusetts employment laws assist workers by protecting them from unethical practices. Among these practices are sexual harassment, discrimination, and time sheet fraud. Labor law attorneys in Springfield, MA help these workers by filing a claim against their unlawful employers.

Fighting Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment for all workers. When these occurrences aren’t reported, these actions become an everyday practice. For this reason, all companies are required to have sexual harassment policies to enable workers to report these events. When the company fails their workers, the worker must seek legal representation to stop these unwanted advances.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, these events often lead to physical contact and more extreme circumstances. They advance to sexual assault and rape in most cases. Employment laws offer the opportunity for these victims to fight against these violations.

Identifying Conditions That Indicate Discrimination

Company owners who promote men only are guilty of discrimination. They are guilty of discriminating against women. For this reason, any female worker who was passed over for a promotion may have a viable claim.

Further discriminatory actions are screening applicants based on race, religion, or sexual preference. During the interview process, employers are restricted from asking questions about religion and sexual orientation. Unless these concepts affect their ability to perform their work duties, this line of questioning is irrelevant. Applicants who were asked questions in reference to religion or orientation may have a viable discrimination case.

Ensuring All Employees Receive Their Pay

Employment laws enforce rules about time sheets and employee records. These laws prohibit time sheet fraud. It is managers who could acquire a bonus who fail to follow these laws. They modify worker’s time sheets to reflect zero overtime hours. This is fraud and prevents employees from getting the wages they earned.

Massachusetts employment laws prevent employers from harassing workers and producing hostile work environments. These laws also prevent employers from hiring workers based on their own personal preferences. These same laws enforce labor laws that protect the wages of these employees. Workers who have faced these issues should consult labor law attorneys in Springfield, MA by contacting Connor Morneau & Olin today.

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