Can You Get SSD for a Mental Health Illness in the Knoxville Area?

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Law

You’ve probably heard of people receiving Social Security Disability benefits for a variety of physical illnesses with the help of a disability lawyer in Knoxville. However, you might not know if a person can receive the same benefits for a mental illness. The answer is yes and no. These are some ways you can qualify for the benefits:

You Must Meet Financial Qualifications

The first thing the Social Security Administration will check is your eligibility in terms of points. You earn points for each period of work that you do over the past 10 years. Your application won’t proceed if you don’t meet the financial requirement, no matter your disability.

The Illness Has to Be on the SSA’s List

Secondly, the mental illness has to be included on the SSA’s eligible illness list. Some mental health conditions that may qualify are major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

The Illness Must Render You Unable to Work

The mental illness must be so disruptive to your life that it will cause you to be unable to work for a period of 12 months or longer. Furthermore, it has to prevent you from performing gainful employment and gainful activities. You’ll have to answer a questionnaire that the SSA will use to determine your eligibility. You may need to speak to a disability lawyer in Knoxville to determine if you’re incapacitated enough to qualify. A disability lawyer in Knoxville can also help you if you receive an initial denial of your claim.

Contact the law firm of Drozdowski & Rabin, PLLC by visiting their website to talk to someone about your right to receive SSDI benefits for a mental illness.

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