Underlying Factors Identified By A Truck Accident Lawyer In Rockford

by | Dec 24, 2020 | Lawyers

In Illinois, 18-wheeler accidents happen as a result of multiple factors. The factors that apply to the accidents could equate to a violation of federal laws. They could also equate to failures by the driver or the commercial company. A Truck Accident Lawyer in Rockford represents victims who are injured due to these failures.

Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration enforces regulations associated with drivers. First, all drivers must pass eye examinations conducted by the Department of Transportation. Next, they must operate their vehicles based on driving regulations. They cannot operate the vehicle for longer than fourteen hours per shift. They must take at least an eight-hour resting period before driving again. A failure to comply could lead to exhausted driving that could cause an accident.

Weighing Stations and Unstable Loads

All drivers must stop at weighing stations as they travel. Any failure to stop could lead to an accident based on an unstable load. The weight of the cargo must comply with federal laws. If the weight of the cargo doesn’t meet local laws, the company faces fines based on potential hazards.

Maintenance and Repairs for Fleets

The fleet owner must complete maintenance services for all commercial trucks. A failure to complete maintenance could lead to mechanical issues. These mechanical issues could present the factors that cause an accident. The company must complete all necessary repairs and document them appropriately.

Intoxication and the Use of Controlled Substances

The driver is tested for alcohol and controlled substances after an accident. The driver is guilty of a DUI with a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.04 percent or if drugs are found in their blood. The driver’s failure to comply with these laws could lead to a denial by the insurance carrier. This could present the opportunity for a lawsuit against the trucking company.

In Illinois, 18-wheeler accidents present a higher probability of serious injuries or a fatality. The accidents could be caused by a failure to follow proper protocol.

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