Benefits of Hiring a Probate Attorney After a Loved One Passes Away

When someone passes away, there is a legal process that their estate must go through called probate. At this time, the court will determine if a will has been created and the validity of the document. In addition, any outstanding debt is paid to creditors and the estate is allocated to the designated beneficiaries. While this process can be completed without legal counsel, it can be a costly mistake if a probate attorney in Moline, IL is not hired. Especially, in cases where a will or other legal documents were not created to ensure the right person inherits the estate.

How a Lawyer Can Help During a Sensitive Time

  • A probate attorney in Moline, IL can speed up the process of distributing the estate.
  • They allow the family time to grieve while they handle the legal aspects.
  • A lawyer is an expert in the field and understands how the inheritance law works.
  • An attorney remains biased to help settle any disputes between the family members.
  • They help challenge any debts where the creditor is trying to manipulate the family.
  • A lawyer can help collect and liquidate any assets to quickly disperse the estate.

Avoid Disputing and Obtain Peace of Mind

Settling the estate of a deceased individual can become messy if not handled properly. At David J. Franks Attorney at Law, they deliver the legal services required during an emotional time. An experienced law firm that has a vast amount of knowledge on the state’s inheritance laws to ensure the family’s rights are protected. You can eliminate the risk of quarreling loved ones, or the estate being tied up in probate court for years when you team with their law firm. They will assist you in settling the estate to help you obtain peace of mind during a stressful time.

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