Arrested? Call a Company that Provides a Bailbond in Pontiac

It can be terrifying for a parent or spouse to get a phone call from a family member who has been arrested. They are probably pleading for the person to get them out of jail. If this is the first time, then there is a good chance the parent or spouse doesn’t know what to do next. They should call a company that provides a bailbond in Pontiac. These companies are open 24 hours a day and a knowledgeable staff person always answers the phone. They are courteous and very helpful.

Most Bailbond companies are located near the police station and jails. The bondsman can be there within a few minutes to start the process. However, defendants have to wait until a judge sets the amount of bail. This occurs at the arraignment hearing where the defendant hears the charges against him and has to plead not guilty or guilty. Most defendants do receive bail. Only those who are a flight risk or who pose an immediate threat to the public are denied bail. The judge may also impose conditions for granting bail. The defendant may not be allowed to talk to the victim or be within a certain distance of her. If he is charged with stealing from his employer, he may be barred from visiting his former workplace.

The company that put up the bailbond in Pontiac is financially responsible if the defendant does not appear in court when they are required to. The judge will issue a bench warrant for the person’s arrest. Therefore the bondsman will do everything he can to ensure this doesn’t happen. The defendant will be required to provide his name and address and all the names and addresses of his close friends and family. These will be the first places that the bondsman looks for him if he doesn’t appear in court. He will also be required to provide pictures of any tattoos or marks that will allow the bondsman to easily identify him.

The bondsman will also call him before any court appearance and remind him of the date. He will also be in court to ensure that the defendant is there. Until the case has been completed, the bondsman will keep a close eye on the defendant.

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