4 Instances Wherein You Need an Immigration Lawyer

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Attorney

Finding an immigration lawyer in Toronto can do a lot to smooth the way and ease a ton of your stress and tension about obtaining a visa. If you’re frustrated and overwhelmed by the process, then getting legal help can make a difference.

Denied applications

If you’ve already applied for a visa and have been denied, and you have no idea why, then getting an attorney can help you figure out what went wrong, FindLaw says. An experienced lawyer will evaluate your case, examine your requirements, determine what’s wrong and fix it so you can apply again, with hopefully better results this time around.


If you’ve been deported or forced to leave the country, then consulting with an immigration lawyer in Toronto is a must. The right lawyer can help you understand what’s happening and give you a better chance in court. You have the hope that your case won’t result in a permanent bar to immigration, with your lawyer’s help.

Criminal convictions

If you’ve been convicted of any crime, that could be a problem for you. Consulting with a lawyer can help you get a realistic gauge on your chances of getting your visa approved or being able to migrate. While not all crimes can compromise your chances of immigration, if you misrepresent the case in any way, even unknowingly, you could end up getting deported. That’s going to be a lot harder to handle so hire a lawyer now to help you out.

Work opportunity

If you have an employment offer but your employer didn’t step forward to handle the immigration process for you, then hiring the services of a lawyer is a smart and practical move. By getting an attorney, you have someone to guide you through the complicated process of getting a visa sans any lengthy delays.

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