A Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison WI Can Help Emotional Abuse Victims

Emotional abuse can be a component of many family law claim types. It typically consists of inappropriate behaviors such as threatening and harassing language, exposure to traumatizing situations, telling lies, and threatening gestures. In almost all cases, the abuser’s goal is to create a negative self-image in the victim.

Is Emotional Abuse Legally Actionable?

In the recent past, emotional and psychological abuse weren’t recognized as forms of domestic violence. However, it is now considered a major part of many family law actions, and it’s given special consideration in cases of child abuse. Emotional abuse is evaluated in many cases that involve physical violence between spouses.

Gathering Evidence

The evidence arising from a case of emotional abuse isn’t as easy for a domestic violence attorney in Madison WI to document as it is in cases of physical abuse because the wounds aren’t visible. However, it can take a severe physical toll, causing some victims to suffer depression, anxiety, and need lifelong therapy. The key to a successful lawsuit is to find the right evidence, such as records from therapists and documents showing missed work days. Anything that connects the victim’s injuries to the abuser can be used to build a case.

Legal Remedies for the Emotionally Abused

Cases of emotional abuse may result in damages being given to the victim, which can help them cover medical bills and continuing therapy. In most instances, courts are reluctant to issue damages for imaginary conditions, and a victim’s physical symptoms can be used as supporting evidence. The court may issue a restraining order against the offender, and emotional abuse can be a deciding factor in cases involving child custody, visitation, and support.

Should a Victim Hire an Attorney for Help Building a Case for Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse is a significant part of many family law cases, and a victim may need to hire an attorney if they need advice on how to proceed. Visit Gregwrightlaw.com to find out how a Domestic Violence Attorney in Madison WI can inform the client of their rights and possible legal remedies and help the victim find the right cause of action to file their claim. Like us at Facebook.

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