What Type Of Cases Are Handled By Personal Injury Law Firms?

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Lawyers

In Utah, local residents could become the victims of a variety of circumstances. These circumstances could relate to medical procedures, using products, entering an unsafe property, and the aggressive behaviors of domestic pets. The following are details about cases that are handled by personal injury law firms in Brigham City UT.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

A Medical malpractice occurs when doctors fail to provide their patients with high-quality health care. In these cases, the doctors have caused medical errors by performing medical procedures incorrectly. They could also provide ineffective medication or fail to diagnose terminal conditions at a treatable phase. When these events happen, the doctors are accountable for these injuries, additional treatments, and any further medical requirements needed. The court will also require them to pay punitive damage as a form of punishment.

Product’s Liability Cases

Product’s liabilities exist when a consumer sustains an injury while using a product released on the market. Under federal laws, the manufacturer is required to release a safe product that does not present a risk to a consumer. If the product has any risks, the manufacturer must use warning labels to instruct the consumer to avoid injuries.

Premise Liability Cases

A premise liability exists when a company fails to maintain their property. They must follow building codes to ensure that the property is hazard-free. If a visitor sustains an injury, the property owner is liable for all the visitor’s medical costs and any losses accumulated due to the personal injury.

Dog Attack Lawsuits

Dog attacks are reported to the animal control officer after a victim is injured. Upon receiving the report, the office issues a notice to the owner to surrender the animal for a quarantine period. This duration lasts up to 12 days. If a strict liability is present, the pet owner must pay all medical costs and provide tort-based awards.

In Utah, local residents could fall victim to a variety of circumstances that lead to injuries. These injuries could occur due to hazardous conditions in properties or related to products released on the market.

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