A Law Firm in Allen County IN Keeps the License During a Troubling Case

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Law

The court has every right to dismiss and suspend a license during a traffic-related case. A report from the Tampa Bay news suggested that one in ten drivers in Florida are currently driving without a license. That number scares insurance companies, which is why insurance is so costly in the state. But, it also surfaces another issue. People lose their license often, and sometimes they do not go through the motions to get it back.

Do not fall in line with this statistic, and follow the right protocol to get a license back. Of course, a great law firm in Allen County IN can offer a platform where all of this can be avoided. They are able to keep licenses for their clients through connections and authority.

So what happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” The simple argument that defines the American court system can carry a lot of weight with the right representation. Visit Thonertlaw.net for more on getting a case to light in auto-related incidents.

Clients in cases such as a bad accident, continuous speeding tickets, habitual traffic violations, and a disorderly conduct can often keep hold of their license. It keeps them working and allows them to be as prepared as possible for the case. No one knows how hard it can be to just continue life without a license until they dealt with it firsthand. The Law Firm in Allen County IN uses a very basic principle- innocent until proven guilty. The verdict may come back with jail time or a month long suspended a license, but they at least have it in the meantime.

Proper representation is exactly what a client needs to not fall apart during a case. They can present the client in a way that allows them to continue on with their life as close to possible as before the incident. It is unlikely in a DUI case or driving with a suspended license (the courts will not un-suspend a license once it already hits that status and a client is arrested for it). Aside from these auto-related exceptions, keeping the license during the case is certainly possible- even likely.

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