Why Hire a Premises Liability Attorney?

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Attorney

If a person is injured due to an accident that is the result of an unsafe condition on another person’s property, they would likely feel overwhelmed and worried since they may lose time at work and maybe even lose it. Hence, they may wonder how they will pay their medical bills, in addition to their mortgage or rent. While it may be necessary to hold the property owner responsible, the victim may not know how to get started. This is why hiring a premises liability attorney is a good idea.

Investigation of the Accident
One of the first things that needs to be done after an injury is to receive medical treatment for the injuries. This will allow the evidence to be gathered in forms of medical reports, which can help the premises liability attorney determine who is at fault. The attorney hired will also conduct various accident investigations and will know the types of evidence that is needed to document the claim. The lawyer will also have access to a number of experts who can assist with the claim.

The lawyer hired will work to gather:
• Medical records and bills
• Videos and photographs
• Witness statements
• Accident reports
• Independent medical evaluations
• Property records

The attorney will also be able to use the evidence to present the claim of the victim to the jury or insurance company so that fair compensation can be granted.

Settlement Negotiations
Once the investigation is finished, the lawyer will be able to make a demand for a settlement and, in most cases, this will be done in letter form. A good attorney will be able to negotiate a fair compensation that covers the current and future costs of the injury. If the claim is denied, then it may have to go to court.

Lawrz.com offers more information about what to look for when hiring a premises liability attorney. Taking the time to find the right one for the job will pay off in the long run and help a person receive the compensation that they need. Feel free to use the information provided here to achieve the best results for a case.

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