5 Things Clients Should Tell Their Personal Injury Attorney in Mount Vernon, IL

When working on a case with a personal injury attorney, honesty and openness always work to a client’s advantage. The more the lawyer knows about the case, the better the chances of the client getting fair compensation. While many of these things may seem obvious, there are other areas to cover. Below are several things clients should always disclose to their personal injury attorneys.

Previous Injuries

One of the commonest arguments among opposing attorneys in personal injury cases is whether a victim’s injuries existed before the incident. Even if that’s the case, an accident can still worsen a pre-existing condition. Tell the attorney about all previous incidents so they can determine whether or not they are related to the case.

Injuries After the First Event

Some people seem to have nothing but bad luck, and they get into another accident before they can settle the first claim. Just as an attorney needs to know about previous injuries, they should know about previous cases.


Many do not realize that their financial troubles can affect a personal injury claim. Any award received from a lawsuit could go to a client’s creditors if they are in bankruptcy. If the client tells their attorney about the situation, they can work with a bankruptcy lawyer to find out how to maximize the settlement.


Just as creditors may pursue a portion of a personal injury award, so will an ex-spouse. It is difficult to avoid sharing the settlement if the divorce is not yet final, but there are legal ways to handle it. A frank, open conversation with a personal injury attorney in Mount Vernon, IL can only help.

Criminal History

This isn’t typically a concern for most plaintiffs, but it can be a factor if the injury occurred during an illegal activity. Anything a client tells a lawyer is held in confidence, and clients should always ask if their criminal record may relate to the current case.

While most personal injury cases are relatively straightforward, certain factors can affect the plaintiff’s chances of a settlement. By consulting a local injury attorney with Business Name. a victim can maximize their chance of winning the claim and getting back on solid ground.

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