The Reason to Choose Affordable Attorneys in Beaver Dam WI Instead of a Public Defender

by | May 29, 2020 | Lawyers

A person who has been charged with a crime and who doesn’t have much money may consider acquiring legal representation from a public defender. Since the U.S. Constitution grants citizens the right to an attorney, the government has set up a system in which public defenders provide that representation for free to people who would have trouble paying a lawyer. If at all possible, it’s a better decision to hire affordable attorneys in Beaver Dam WI for criminal defense. Public defenders may mean well and may be fully qualified as lawyers, but they tend to be very overworked. They may feel pressure to negotiate plea deals with the prosecution without trying any other strategies, simply because they do not have the extra time or resources.

A private criminal defense lawyer may also recommend negotiating a plea bargain, but only for specific reasons. First, these lawyers put forth an effort to have the charges dropped by the prosecution. Technical issues with evidence collection, for instance, may be uncovered during the law firm’s investigation. In some instances, the prosecuting attorney will not cooperate but the attorney’s work still results in the case being dismissed by the judge. Both of these situations allow the client to go free with no criminal record.

If these strategies don’t work and the case proceeds to trial, lawyers may recommend negotiating with the prosecution for reduced charges or an agreement that the individual will receive the minimum sentence possible if pleading guilty to the existing charges. This may be the best strategy if the evidence against the individual is very strong. It also can be the best way to approach the matter if a plea bargain eliminates the risk of incarceration, whereas a jury trial could result in a prison sentence. Making these types of decisions can be very difficult and it’s important to have skilled legal counsel to present different sides of the issue.

Affordable attorneys in Beaver Dam WI may offer a free consultation during which the person charged with a crime will learn about the fees. Visit QBS Law SC at their website for contact information.

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