Your Divorce Can Be Handled By the Family Law Attorney in Rockford IL

Filing for divorce can be a tedious and stressful process. It is especially difficult when a couple has been married a long time and have children. Divorces involving children are typically more difficult to pursue. This is why it is imperative a person seeks help from a Family Law Attorney in Rockford IL. A family law attorney understands all of the divorce, custody, and support laws in the state of Illinois so they can help their client effectively end their marriage with as little stress as possible.

When filing for divorce, a person first needs to meet with the Family Law Attorney in Rockford IL. The person who is filing must first decide on the grounds they will file. The state of Illinois accepts several fault grounds and one no-fault ground. Those who file fault grounds will need to be prepared to prove the ground with evidence in court. A petition for Disillusionment of Marriage must be filed in the county of residence. The person’s spouse must be served and given thirty days to respond.

If children are involved, the state requires couples to participate in court-mandated classes. These classes are meant to educate parents on the effects divorce has on minor children. These classes may be divided into several time periods but typically last no more than four hours in total. The classes are in no way mean to be therapeutic and are specifically for educational purposes only.

Custody is decided based on the best interests of the children. The state generally prefers joint custody arrangements but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. A family law judge will decide on the divorce, custody, and child and spousal support. This makes for a more streamlined approach in settling all aspects of the disillusionment of marriage.

They are a family law firm that is dedicated to helping individuals with their legal needs. They will work with you through the process, to reduce stress. Call today so you can schedule your consultation appointment.

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