Why Mediation Can Work So Much Better Than Divorce Trials in Miami

While divorces have a reputation for being nasty, they do not really have to be, and oftentimes, couples split up on very amicable terms. If you are not disputing anything, and are not involved in some heated battle with each other, then undergoing family law mediation in Miami, FL. Here are just a few of the benefits of doing so.

Cost Efficient

Going through a full-blown divorce trial where lawyers are hired for each side can be incredibly expensive. By using a mediator, you can avoid having to go to trial by simply appearing in front of the judge with your mutually agreed upon requests and having them make their ruling.


What goes on in the mediation room stays in the mediation room. No public records are kept of what was said or what was agreed upon. This is a crucial factor if there are sensitive topics that neither party wants to get out to become public knowledge.

More Control

If you and your spouse are in agreement beforehand about the terms of the divorce and create your own “settlement,” then you will certainly have more control over every aspect of the situation than you would if the matter goes to a court of law. This makes for less unnecessary friction and legal agreements that will be more likely to last.

Better For Children

If children are involved in a divorce dispute, it is far better for them on an emotional level to use family law mediation in Miami, FL, than it is to drag them through a lengthy court case.

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