Why Hire Divorce Lawyers in Chicago?

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is often considered an ugly word because it brings so much pain and emotional distress. Even under the best of circumstances, divorce is never easy. Instead of trying to face the end of a marriage alone, it can be helpful for people to hire Divorce Lawyers in Chicago. Working with a lawyer allows a person to gain a better perspective of the steps that need to be taken so their marriage can end as peacefully as possible.

The first meeting with the divorce attorney is often the most difficult to go through since this is when the person has to take the time to tell their side of the story. The attorney may need to ask a client tough questions, but this provides information so the attorney can begin preparation. This lengthy meeting will involve the attorney beginning to draw up a divorce petition including a grounds (reason) for the divorce.

Once the petition has been filed in court, the process may proceed fairly quickly as long as the other party in the marriage does not contest the grounds or other details. Often, contests are not placed on the end of the marriage but on other details, such as who will be given custody and what type of support will be given. If the divorce goes uncontested, the judge will likely honor the petition and grant the divorce. If the divorce is contested, mediation meetings may prove helpful.

Mediation meetings allow both parties and their lawyers to sit down in a more informal setting than court hearings allow. These meetings seek to bring resolution to any issues that may be preventing a peaceful end to the marriage. Should both parties reach an agreement, the settlement will be sent to the judge and both parties will sign in agreement. If a settlement cannot be reached, the divorce will most likely be heard in court, before a judge.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, no matter how amicably it seems to be proceeding, consider hiring Divorce Lawyers in Chicago. Visit the website and learn how they can help you go through your divorce with as little stress as possible so you can get on with your new life. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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