Why You Should Retain the Services of a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Lawyers

Most investment experts agree that an investment portfolio should contain real estate. However, whether a person is looking to build a well diversified portfolio for retirement, or they’re looking for a place for them and their family to live, investments such as these need to be treated with a great deal of care. For that reason, many people looking to buy or sell a piece of property will often consult with a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NY.

Many people feel that buying or selling a piece of property only entails the professional services of a Realtor. While a Realtor can be very beneficial for both buyers and sellers, one can’t overlook the importance of using a real estate lawyer.

For example, a real estate attorney, for people who are purchasing property, can be helpful in determining if the property is free of any financial surprises such as tax liens or other claims. This is something that a Realtor will typically not be involved with.

Whether a person is purchasing or selling a property, there will likely be contracts that need to be signed. The problem is that for most people, these documents are rather lengthy and complicated. Many people aren’t terribly sure about all of the content in a particular document they are signing. Having an attorney, like the one who will find that The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel, will help a person to understand all the complicated jargon in the documents that need to be signed.

Lastly, if an individual is handling the buying and selling of property on their own, having a Real Estate Lawyer in Brooklyn NJ can be helpful when negotiating a price. Real estate attorneys are very skilled at negotiating a fair price for a piece of property.

As you can see, while having a Realtor can be beneficial when finding a piece of property to buy or the marketing of property for sale, a real estate attorney should still be retained. When you consider the complicated nature of lien searches, ensuring that the title for the property is clean, understanding contract language and negotiating price, it’s hard to argue against the services of a real estate lawyer. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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