What Should You Do If You are Arrested for DUI in Charleston?

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Law

When a person is arrested for a DUI, they often feel overwhelmed and are unsure of the steps they need to take. People often inadvertently cause complications in their cases simply because they do not do all they can to protect their rights. When one is arrested for dui in Charleston, it is crucial they seek legal assistance as soon as possible so they can have the legal guidance they need to get the best possible outcome in their case.

Those who are arrested should always be read their Miranda rights. If one is not read these rights, their arrest may be thrown out of court, depending on the circumstances. It is crucial a person listens to their rights as they are being read so they will understand what steps they need to take to protect themselves throughout the process of their arrest, booking, and trial.

When a person is arrested for dui in Charleston, they should remain quiet throughout their arrest and booking. This is one of the first Miranda Rights that is read, and it is also the most important. Talking during the arrest process is not recommended, since a person could inadvertently further incriminate themselves in the crime, they are being accused of. One should not speak until they have met with their attorney.

Another step a person needs to take after they are arrested for dui in Charleston is to avoid questioning. One should not agree to question until their attorney is present. The attorney will protect the client from answering questions that may incriminate themselves. Being interviewed without a lawyer present can be a big mistake since all information given can be used against the person during their trial.

Although hiring an attorney cannot guarantee the outcome of a DUI case, it can bring an accused individual greater peace of mind in knowing they have an advocate working on their side. If you have been arrested for dui in Charleston, it is your right to hire an attorney to represent you. Contact the office of Harley Wagner right away so he can get started on helping you with your case.

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