What Happens When My Spouse Misses a Child Support Payment in Ohio?

After a court places a child support order, it must be obeyed. When your spouse fails to comply with the order, you must look toward higher powers for help. Either getting your family law attorney or local Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) involved is the best option available to you. Several key enforcement tools are placed upon the delinquent spouse to get them to comply:

Contempt of Court: When a spouse fails to pay child support, they may be held in contempt of court. This legal order is serious, and can place a large fine on your spouse, or even gain them jail time if they fail to take action. If you feel taking this step is necessary against your spouse, you will need to obtain a court order from a judge to hold your spouse in contempt of court.

Federal Income Tax Intercepts: Many of the items on this list have the government taking fines out of your spouse’s income to pay the missing child support payments. In this case, that fine would be taken out of any large tax refund your spouse receives while remaining delinquent on their support payments.

Passport Restrictions: Spouses who remain delinquent on their child support payments have their ability to travel freely restricted. Renewing your passport, for example, is not possible while you have pending child support payments.

Wage Deductions: Similar to the situation with federal income tax intercepts, the custodial parent may be able to get the OCSS to intercept some of the delinquent spouse’s job wages to pay for their missing child support payments.

License Suspensions and Revocations: To further restrict the ability of a delinquent spouse to flee when faced with overdue child support payments, your local government may revoke professional licenses from them, or simply revoke their drivers license.

Are you currently dealing with a spouse who refuses to pay the child support payments he owes you? You should never have to deal with this situation, as you and your child deserve the money that will help you live a stable life. For help, please contact the Business Name team to set up a free consultation. We will dedicate ourselves to pursuing your spouse until the due payments are made to you and your child.

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