What Services Are Handled By an Oil and Gas Litigation Lawyer in Louisiana?

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Attorney

In Louisiana, the potential for extracting natural resources is considerably high. In fact, oil and gas companies from all over the country visit this area to secure contracts that entitle them to the use of the land and provide land owners with generous compensation. An oil and gas litigation lawyer in Louisiana could officiate these opportunities.

Securing Permits for Land Developments

Oil and gas attorneys are familiar with the requirements for starting a contract for a new development. These opportunities require them to secure certain permits that give them the legal right to drill the land to extract the oil. These rigs, as they are called, must follow the local and federal safety regulations. During this process, an inspector must evaluate the construction at different stages of completion.

Managing Land Leasing Disputes

The land owner has the right to file an action against the oil company if an issue arises. The most common issues are based on land parameters or the compensation offered. If the oil company doesn’t pay the amount agreed upon, the land owner has the right to file a formal claim. Additionally, if the oil company attempts to use land that isn’t included in the contract, the owner has the right to file a claim for any damage sustained.

Mitigating Potential Risks for Land Owners and the Public

Oil rigs must undergo a safety inspection at least once a year. During the inspection, the inspector identifies conditions that pose a threat to the public and the land owner. The oil company is responsible for mitigating these risks immediately upon discovery. Any deviation from this goal could lead to fines.

Preventing Litigation after Environmental Accidents

Environmental accidents are a possibility with oil drilling. However, the oil company must purchase adequate insurance to protect against these occurrences. Attorneys advise these companies about their rights and the strategies used to prevent a lawsuit.

In Louisiana, oil companies secure land through contracts for oil drilling purposes. They will erect rigs and install pipelines for these projects. However, these installations require a contract and payment to the land owners. Oil companies facing a legal dispute may hire an oil and gas litigation lawyer in Louisiana, by contacting Kebodeaux Hargroder & Alexander, LLP, today.

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