Veterans Benefits Lawyers Help Those Who Have Served the Country

With offices in South Portland, Ohio, the law firm of Jackson & MacNichol fights for those who have fought for all Americans. Practicing over 20 years for veterans’ rights, our firm is very knowledgeable of the Veterans’ Disability law. Our skilled lawyers will secure the benefits that are deserved by those who have served their country honorably.

When American servicemen and women return home, they can be prevented from enjoying their lives with their families if they are unable to support these loved ones because of injuries. Instead of allowing anxiety about their finances and the resulting stress to consume them, veterans can turn to Veteran Benefit Lawyers Ohio, who will secure their benefits and the help they need.

Free Consultations with Disability Attorneys

Veterans who feel that they may qualify for disability benefits should schedule a free consultation with a Veterans Affairs (VA) disability attorney. During a meeting with Veterans benefits lawyers in Ohio, our team of lawyers will be able to determine what type of compensation to which the individual veteran is entitled. The team at Jackson & MacNichol will examine the records of the injury or injuries and view any medical documentation from professionals. From this information, the attorneys for veterans’ benefits can, then, supply the individual an idea of the type of compensation the veteran is eligible to receive.

A Disability Attorney Will Work Closely with the Veteran

The team of professionals will deal with the complexities of obtaining benefits. If there is an initial denial, the knowledge and expertise of Jackson & MacNichol attorneys will make sense of the situation and help the veteran(s) with an appeal and whatever steps are necessary. To this firm, every case is vital.

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