Understanding Child Custody and Spousal Support during a Divorce

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Lawyers

When you and your spouse separate, you need to consider what will happen in terms of property division, child custody and alimony. This can be a very stressful and emotional time for both parties and the families involved, so being able to speak with a qualified and experienced lawyer about your specific case is a big benefit. When speaking with an attorney about your unique situation, you will most likely be asked about the following aspects.

Division of Property

Assets acquired during the marriage, such as bank accounts, household furniture, vehicles and business interests may be considered marital property and could be subject to division by the court. The court will evaluate the value of the assets and will take into consideration the following factors before issuing a division; length of marriage, age and health of both parties, income brought in by both parties, the present and future needs of any dependent children and more. Assets not acquired during marriage, such as an inheritance or gift, are not subject to division. When in doubt, contact a lawyer with experience in family law.

Spousal Support

Alimony is the legal requirement to make a payment of money on a monthly basis from a financially secure former spouse to another who may be at a financial disadvantage after the dissolution of marriage. There are various factors that are taken into consideration by the court before spousal support is awarded, including the length of the marriage, the income of both parties, and the health of both parties among other factors. When you need to know whether or not you may be obligated to pay, or entitled to receive spousal support, contact a lawyer with knowledge and experience.

Child Custody

Children in the middle of a divorce can become stressed and upset, and will often blame themselves for the separation of their parents. To help your children through the process, you and your former spouse should try to mutually agree upon a visitation plan in the event of one parent taking full custody of the children. This gives the other parent a chance to attend birthdays, graduations, holidays and special events in the child’s life. During this time, both parents should reassure the children that they are not to blame for the separation in any way. Don’t be afraid to contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Timonium, MD for detailed advice on your unique case.

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