Three Things To Understand When Working With Bail Bonds Agents In Burleson, Texas

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Bail Bonds

When a person breaks the law and is arrested, they will often need to pay bail if they are going to get out of jail. The amount that they would be required to pay would depend on the severity of the crime and their previous criminal history. If a person doesn’t have enough money to cover their bail, they can get the help that they need from Bail Bonds Agents in Burleson Texas. If a person is planning to get assistance from a bail bonds agent, they should understand how the process works.

Money Will Be Due

While the bail bonds agent will cover the cost of the bail, the individual will need to come up with some money. In most cases, the amount due would be 20 percent of the total cost of the bail. It is important for the person to understand that they won’t get this money back. This is true if the case is dismissed or if the person is found not guilty. The 20 percent is the fee that the bail bonds agent charges for their services.

Property Liens

In many cases, the bail bonds agent will put a lien on the person’s property. This is to protect them if the person chooses to jump bail. When the case has been settled, the bail bonds agent will remove the lien.

Showing Up For Court Is Imperative

It is very important that the individual shows up for all of their court dates. If they miss just one, the bail bonds agent will revoke the bail. When this happens, the bond service will hire someone to track the person down and take them to jail. When the person goes back to jail, they won’t be eligible for bail again. They would need to remain in jail until the completion of their case.

Being arrested can be a very scary time in a person’s life. After an arrest, the only thing the person wants to do is get out of jail. If the bail the judge set is more than the individual can afford, they should contact Bail Bonds Agents in Burleson Texas.

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