Things to Keep in Mind with Child Support Cases

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When it comes to child support cases, the child should be the top priority, ensuring he or she is happy, healthy, comfortable and taken care of properly. However, ugly child support cases can not only harm the child, but cause a rift in the child’s relationship with the parents when there’s too much contentiousness. Before you wage a war over child support where the child is used as a bargaining chip, meet with a family law attorney in Jonesboro, Arkansas, who will not only make sure the amount of child support is appropriate, but most importantly, the welfare of the child is treated with the utmost care. There are certain things to keep in mind when you’re in involved in a child support case.

Keep the Child First

Child support is exactly what it sounds like: money to support the child and not the parent. Your family law lawyer in Jonesboro, AR area, will go over the state’s child support guidelines to make sure you understand them entirely. If a client is asking for an unreasonable amount, the attorney can go over the amount deemed adequate and sufficient by the state. However, there are cases where support normally considered outside of guidelines is deemed acceptable. Family law attorneys in Jonesboro, AR, will advise when these types of situations arise.

Changes to Agreement

Usually, child support agreements are expected to remain steady, but there are times when modifications must be made. If the child who was living with the custodial parent moves in with the non-custodial parent, this can change the parameters of the agreement. If the parent paying child support suddenly makes a lot less money or loses his or her job, the agreement can change, as well as if the parent’s income greatly increases. Family lawyers in Jonesboro will help their clients understand when it’s time to request a change in the original agreement.

Long-Term Effects

Since a minor is involved, it’s important to think about the kind of long-term effects a child support case can have on the entire family. Sometimes parents aren’t thinking straight and just want to win. A compassionate and understanding attorney should speak to you frankly and let you know when things are spiraling out of control to protect your interests, your child’s and the other parent to avoid causing irreparable damage.

If you need a compassionate, knowledgeable family law attorney in Jonesboro, A$, visit the website for more information.

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