Things to Consider When Hiring an Attorney for Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Law

If a person or their relative is injured because of Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA, they should diligently explore their legal rights. Selecting a malpractice attorney should be the first step, but many people are unsure where to start. The tips below can help in the attorney selection process.

Consider the Firm’s Focus

Before hiring an attorney, one should do some research into the firm and its focus. Does the law firm concentrate on healthcare litigation and medical malpractice cases, or is its focus broader? Firms that handle many malpractice cases are typically more suitable in these instances.

Litigation History

One should also consider the prospective firm’s and the attorneys’ litigation history. The discovery phase in medical malpractice cases is often quite lengthy, and attorneys must know how to work with other professionals. Additionally, clients should select a firm that’s willing and able to take the case to trial if the need arises.

Medical Knowledge

There is obviously a strong medical component in these cases, and it is important for clients to choose a firm that has (or can access) medical resources. Such resources may include on-staff attorneys or paralegals with medical training, or the ability to hire industry witnesses.


Once a client has made a short list of potential law firms, they should research each firm’s results history. The fact-finding mission should yield information on trial outcomes, recent cases and settlement amounts.


Another vital factor in choosing a law firm is gaining an understanding of its fee schedule. Most medical malpractice firms work on contingency fees, where the client isn’t charged unless the attorney achieves a favorable result. Other law firms charge a flat fee, or they bill by the hour. It is very important to be realistic in one’s financial abilities and expectations before choosing an attorney.

Choose a Firm That Gets Results

Healthcare practitioners are obligated to provide care in accordance with state and federal laws, and within the applicable standard. However, errors are sometimes made. When a doctor or nurse fails to meet such requirements, one’s rights may be violated. Hire an attorney with to learn about options for pursuing recovery for losses sustained due to Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA.

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