Hire A DUI Attorney If These Stay-Safe Tips Don’t Work

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Attorney

It’s perfectly OK to have a night out with friends and to have a few drinks. However, being careless about one’s drinking can lead to injury or the need for a DUI attorney if one tries to drive home. Knowing how to stay safe while having fun can save a considerable amount of hassle and expense. Below are several safety tips for those who consume alcohol.

Set a Hard Limit

Before going to a bar or nightclub, one should decide how many drinks they’ll have. Going without a number in mind only sets one up to drink more than necessary, which is never good. A general rule is that four drinks will be enough for men, and three drinks will be plenty for the average woman.

Go with a Group

It’s never a good idea to drink alone, and it’s better to go with others for safety’s sake. An intoxicated person can be a target for pickpockets, muggers, and rapists. By going with a group, one can discourage the less-ethical parts of society from taking advantage of their position.

Stick to Familiar Drinks

Trying new drinks is a good way to broaden one’s horizons, but it can also be risky. Alcohol content can vary widely by drink, and some cocktails raise one’s BAC faster than others do. By choosing familiar drinks, one can more effectively manage their BAC.

Stay Hydrated

For every cocktail or beer one consumes, it’s good to follow it up with a non-alcoholic drink such as soda, juice or water. Because alcohol is a diuretic, staying hydrated will replenish the body’s electrolytes and prevent severe intoxication. By drinking plenty of water, one can counterbalance the detrimental effects of alcohol in the body.

Consider Staying in

Drinking at home can save one all the risk involved in a night on the town. It’s substantially cheaper than going out, and it makes one less vulnerable to dangerous situations and people. When drinking at home, there’s no worry about making it back safely, and no danger of getting a DUI. All of the above tips are effective, but DUIs still happen. If one is facing drunk driving charges, they should consult a local DUI Attorney like Bonnie D. Putterman, Attorney At Law, for help and advice. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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