The Two Major Reasons Why Getting Legal DUI Help In Martinsburg WV Is Recommended For Defendants

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Lawyers

DUI arrests and convictions can come with some very serious consequences. For example, the defendant may find themselves unable to drive for months, facing serious jail time, or even having to pay thousands of dollars in fines. For those who find themselves in this situation, having DUI help Martinsburg WV from an attorney will be key. While there are many people who believe that hiring a lawyer is a complete waste of money, the simple truth is that attorneys often prove to be a valuable asset to many DUI cases. Read on for a brief explanation of how consulting an attorney may turn out to be the best decision that a defendant makes over the course of their case.

Creating A Sound Defense Strategy

When it comes to DUI charges, many defendants go back and forth about whether or not they should just plead guilty to the charge. While this may be the way to go in some cases, it shouldn’t always be an automatic response. In many cases, an attorney that provides DUI help Martinsburg WV can review the evidence from the night of the arrest, and they may be able to challenge the blood sample test or breath test results or discount the other evidence that the prosecution claims to have. If it’s possible to create a defense strategy that will bring doubt into the picture, an attorney will know how best to accomplish this goal.

Winning With Plea Bargaining

If it becomes clear that pleading guilty to the charge is indeed the best thing to do, it’s important for defendant to realize that all hope is not lost. An attorney can still provide DUI help Martinsburg WV by assisting in the negotiation of a plea deal. Hiring a lawyer means having someone who will fight for the defendant’s rights throughout the bargaining process, getting them the most favorable deal possible that includes reduced jail sentences or a lesser charge than they were previously facing.

DUI charges are no joke, and getting DUI help Martinsburg WV from an accomplished attorney is always the best thing to do in any case where the defendant’s freedom and dignity are at stake. Instead of worrying about the future, it’s a good idea for defendants to get in touch with a lawyer sooner rather than later to discuss how they can best help them move towards a successful outcome in their case.

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