The Truth Regarding Family Law

Separation and divorce are undoubtedly one of the most difficult situations a family can endure. If you are in this situation, you likely know well the number of changes you are facing. The levels of stress, grief, sadness, and frustration accompanying these changes can be astronomically high. To make matters worse, there is a wealth of misinformation regarding family law and your rights. This can make the possibility of finding the happiest potential outcome seem impossible.

You are not alone. You can get through this situation far more positively than it may seem. Here is what you should know regarding the truth about family law and why you should hire family divorce attorney in Dallas, TX.

My Ex-Spouse’s Debts Will Become My Debts, Too.”

Unless you both took out a loan together, a debt is never a shared responsibility. Any debt your ex-partner acquired on their own during your marriage stays their own. Your credit will not be affected by their financial situation unless you were a co-signer or took a similar role.

I Will Automatically Have to Relinquish Half of My Assets.”

As any family divorce attorney in Dallas, TX will tell you, there is much more to the division of your assets than what the typical prenuptial agreement may describe. If you and your ex have any children, they must be taken into account as well to ensure both you both will be left with enough resources to care for them. The vast majority of courts will try to make decisions as reasonably as possible. Few situations are an automatic loss for you.

Courts Always Work in Favor of Mothers.”

In actuality, court officials care far more about protecting your children’s overall well being than any other factor. They will typically strive to try and preserve your children’s relationship with both parents, which often results in a joint custody arrangement. A family divorce attorney in Dallas, TX can help you to negotiate a custody arrangement that works out well for everyone involved.

Successfully navigating your divorce will require an expert family divorce attorney in Dallas, TX. Get in touch with Khavari & Moghadassi by calling (972) 225-4444, texting us at (972) 914-8272 or visiting our website.

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