Signs You Need A Family Law Attorney

by | May 13, 2019 | Attorney

A family law attorney Spokane focuses on helping people with problems related to divorce. This includes things such as alimony, child support, marital property and child custody. There are several reasons that you should consider hiring a family law attorney.

You are not Able to Communicate With Your Spouse

Many divorces are amicable because the two people are able to come to an agreement. However, if you are unable to come to an agreement with your spouse, then it is best for you to hire an attorney. Your family lawyer can come up with agreements that work for you and your spouse. This will limit the time that you have to spend talking to your spouse.

Your Spouse is Trying to Keep You From Your Child

Many people will do everything that they can to hurt the other person when they are going through a divorce. They know that the other parent loves their child, which is why people will try to use the child to hurt the other person. You should call an attorney if the other spouse is trying to keep you away from your children.

Your Spouse has a Lawyer

If your spouse has a lawyer, then you will need to get one too. You do not want to go up against someone who has an attorney on your own. You will be able to level the playing field by hiring your own attorney.

You Have Assets and Property

Any assets that you accumulate during your marriage may be considered the other partner’s too. That is why it can be difficult to divide up assets and property. You will have an easier time dividing up property and assets if you have an attorney.

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