The Important Service for Low-Income People From a Bail Bond Agency in Alameda County, CA

In 2018, one of the major Internet companies with a huge footstep in the online landscape decided to stop accepting ads from bail bonds services. The company’s intention was to discourage promoting services that essentially profit when low-income people are in trouble. This controversial move has seen serious backlash from various organizations and media outlets. Without the assistance of a bail bond agency in Alameda County CA, a person who cannot afford bail would have to stay in jail until the case is resolved. That can take many months.

How It Works

A bail bond agency in Alameda County CA posts a bond for clients for a fee. This allows those defendants to regain their freedom. Without quick release, they can easily lose a job, which can have a terrible snowball effect. They probably live paycheck to paycheck and now are at significant risk of losing their home and vehicle.

A Legal Service

Bail bonding is a legal service that is integral for allowing the court system to function as intended. Bail is intended to stop defendants from running away after their release, since the bail money is returned to them if they appear for all their court dates. The system was not crafted to force defendants to languish in jail for half a year or longer before their trial date.

A Misguided Effort

Opinion pieces and articles from a range of media outlets have called this move by the Internet giant disturbing, troubling, and wrong. A post in the National Review, a conservative magazine, called it misconceived. Sociologists as a group provide insight into the importance of bail bonds services.

If the country as a whole wants to reform the bail system, it must begin with the courts instead of with companies providing services to incarcerated individuals who have not yet been found guilty. Some possibilities are promising, such as ankle bracelet monitoring and even releasing defendants without bail. For now, however, a large majority of people charged with a crime have no options other than to pay bail, stay behind bars, or use the service of an organization like Angela Maxwell Bail Bonds. If you need help now, browse our website to get started.

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