The Complicated Process Of Applying For Social Security Disability Insurance

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Law

Many disability applicants fail to realize how the process works. Social Security Disability Insurance is for those who paid social security taxes to the government. Further, precise physical requirements must be met. That is why it pays to have an attorney.

Basic Requirements For Social Security Disability Insurance

Applicants must have a disability that is expected to last for at least twelve months. In addition, the disability prevents them from making a living. However, there are criteria for the applicant’s specific condition.

Examining A Specific Condition

Rheumatoid Arthritis or R.A. is a potentially disabling condition. It is an auto-immune disease that results in the immune system attacking the joints. It is a chronic illness that may leave people with severe pain and disfigured joints. Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI’s requirements for this disease are complicated.

Applicants must meet one of four requirements to qualify. The first qualification is that the applicant must use a device to walk including a cane, walker or wheelchair. In the alternative, the applicant’s arms must be affected so they cannot perform certain tasks.

In addition, applicants may qualify if they have two of these symptoms, severe fatigue, malaise, fever and involuntary weight loss. The symptoms must cause the applicant problems with daily living activities and social functioning. Finally, individuals are approved if they are diagnosed with severe spinal disorders.

Ability To Function

The Social Security Administration may approve applicants who have functional limitations. The applicant’s physician is required to complete a Residual Functional Capacity form. The information helps the agency label function as sedentary, light, medium or heavy. Functional capacity includes things like how much weight one can lift and how long the person can stand.

The final requirement for approval is medical evidence. The agency wants to see a physician’s diagnosis and how the diagnosis was made. This includes blood test results, imaging studies, treatments performed and medication prescribed.

Applicants who are denied may file an appeal. A Request For Reconsideration is the first appeal and is based on a paperwork review. Afterward, applicants may ask for a hearing. It is recommended to have an attorney throughout the entire process. For more information, visit us

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