The Benefits of an Automobile Accident Attorney in Collinsville IL

Driving is a great responsibility. Unfortunately, not everyone takes this responsibility seriously. There are many people that drive while distracted by their cell phones. Some drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol that impairs their ability to drive properly. Still, others drive with disregard for other drivers and the laws of the road. This can create serious accidents that often involve those who were trying to be responsible. An Automobile Accident Attorney in Collinsville IL can help with these cases.

Damages from an automobile accident

Even with minor accidents, there are usually damages that occur. Vehicle damage and other property damage are common in these types of accidents. Unfortunately, injuries are also a common occurrence in auto accidents. These injuries create costly medical bills and time off of work. More severe injuries create ongoing treatment costs and needs, as well as prevent a person from ever working again. In these situations, the at-fault driver should be held responsible for all of these costs.

Dealing with insurance companies

In most auto accidents, the injured party must deal with the insurance company to get compensation for their damages. Unfortunately, these companies are for-profit businesses that attempt to minimize their payouts to keep profits higher. Very often, they will attempt to settle with the injured party quickly. These settlements are usually for less than the costs of the person’s injuries, and sometimes, offered before the full extent of injuries is known. Before signing a settlement, a victim should have an attorney should review the agreement.

Uninsured drivers

Even though most states require drivers to carry insurance, there are still many drivers who do not follow the rules. If they cause an accident, especially one with injuries, it can be difficult to get compensation for these damages. An Automobile Accident Attorney in Collinsville IL can help with these cases. They can file a case against the at-fault driver to get the compensation needed to cover the costs of the accident.

When injured in an accident, it is important to get help to ensure the costs of these injuries are fully covered by the responsible party. Not only are they responsible for any medical costs of the injuries, but they are also responsible for the costs of any ongoing care or treatment, as well as lost wages. Learn about Law Office of Keith Short and how they helps with these cases.

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