Taking The Mystery Out Of Disability Benefits In Greenfield MA

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Lawyers

Understanding disability law and all the things concerning Disability Benefits in Greenfield MA isn’t easy. In some cases, people think they qualify to receive benefits when they really don’t. In other cases, people don’t think they are eligible when they really are. People have to also realize that they have to prove eligibility. This is something that isn’t easy to do. The slightest mistake can easily get a person’s claim denied. After a denial, the person must appeal in a timely manner. All of this is very complicated and is best handled by an attorney the first time around so that months and years aren’t wasted trying to prove eligibility.

So who exactly is eligible for Disability Benefits in Greenfield MA? Well, there are a number of factors to consider. While some factors are medical, others are financial. In a broad sense, people who have mental or physical conditions that prevent them from keeping employment for a year or longer are eligible for disability. Social Security actually has a list of disabilities that it will compare a person’s claim to. If the condition is on the list, that’s one hurdle that has been passed. Social Security will also consider the person’s capability to work. The job doesn’t necessarily have to be in a person’s field of choice. Physical and mental conditions can affect people differently. People with mild conditions may see their claims denied.

Daniel and Fontaine LLC and other lawyers can explain all aspects of the disability process. Some people have questions about work history and disability. They want to know if they can file claims even if they have never been employed in the past. For the most part, people must have paid into the Social Security tax system in order to receive disability. There are a certain amount of years that must have been paid. Understand that there are exceptions, but a lawyer’s help will definitely be needed for any chance of success. People can also work while on disability, but the amount of money they can make is restricted. Owning a business has different standards than working for someone else. Any time a person considers working or running a business while on disability, consulting with an attorney is a must. You can also follow them on Twitter  for new updates.

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